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Snowmobile Racing

Our strongest and most important commitment is to our local families. We appreciate seeing them participating in our community events. This is our 10th season providing a venue for vintage racing. Every year we try to improve, and this season is no different! We now have 3 great tracks for racing, giving us a better opportunity to maintain a great racing surface for all to enjoy. This includes a separate 120cc track for our 8 year old and under racers. Also we added a youth's single-cylinder class and bumped up the age of the sleds to 1985 as long as they meet the requirements under our 2021 rules.

Harley Jacks
120 Class 2021
We want to provide a fun race for all our young riders in the 9 under class. Safety Equipment required -Proper Helmet eye protection, upper body protection, above ankle boots. Recommended-Shin Guard, elbow pads, mouth guard. We group sleds together based on participation for the day. These are the classes we try to have, we do move riders based on ability and previous wins to keep as fun and fair as possible Stock Class Beginners (when available)- Governor still operational. Under 10 miles hour Stock- Stock 120 with Governor removed under 15 miles hour. If you win two weeks in a row bumped up to Amateur class Amateur Stock Class- Stock 120 with Governor removed, gearing clutching allowed. Under 20 miles hour. Modified 120 Class-this is for higher skilled riders, specialty built
snowmobiles Modified 120 engines. Modified 200s-This is for riders with several years of racing experience
they have the highest level of skill. We do our best to keep a fun fair racing environment, we ask parents
to use your best judgment about your rider’s abilities and also be honest about your snowmobile. We run a qualifier race, if a rider is obviously too fast or slow adjustments will be made before the finals. This is for fun, let’s be safe, courteous, and set good examples for our young racers.

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